Invitation to the Ice Hockey Gatecrasher Party

In Finland we have this thing called ice hockey..

There is a big news in Finland right now. Once in a year on 6th of December the most elitest people in Finland gather in the castle of the president to celebrate their well being. All the parliamentary politicians, idols, sport-heroes, business people and so on come to shake the hand of the president and his couple. After this they dance and eat fancy food. Most other people in Finland watch it in television in home. This is nationalist propaganda baal. It is to make you think passports and making a lot of money. The name is independence day celebration. But this year the castle of president is broken and they had to find another place to party at, and they decided to come to Tampere.

The thing is. No one ask if we want this party of nationalism in our city.
About hundered years ago, there was war for freedom in Tampere. Civil war. The capitalist murdered and slaved the revolutionaries in name of nationalism. The same people who worked for making money for the bourgeoisie now died by rich man hand. They called the butchers whites. They were Finnish road to Fascism. You have seen the picture of Hitler with butcher Mannerheim? Mannerheim is propaganda legend of whites. They say; He unite! In fact he wanted to be fascist leader like Mussolini! But he only got to be President later. In Tampere he killed the workers struggling for food, freedom and equality. Now many Presidents after that, President Sauli Niinistö is having Suomi Finland party in Tampere. And only the rich and famous invited. And no dance! How boring is that! Sounds like work of whites! Stealing for themselves our tax money!

We are gonna show them, that we don’t play in the same field. Actually, we don’t even play the same game. We are the offspring of the people who stood in Tampere fighting for bread, freedom and equality in 1918. We are the poor, workers, students, unemployed, immigrants, internationalists and world citizens, marginalized, therapized, precarized, criminalized, and First of all:  We are ice hockey people of Tampere. We are like Timo Jutila or Raimo Helminen.

No matter how the president guard tries to stop us, we tackle our way forward and invite all folks to Icehockey Gatecrasher Party (Kiakkovierasjuhlat) to Tampere on  6th of December. Let’s get ready to play some hockey!

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